worst world leaders

World’s Worst Political Leaders of All Time

People are not fond of leaders who do nothing but simply destroy their country making its economy with each passing day. Political leaders take up the responsibility of leading a country. However, country might fail to achieve large scale development if its leader does not perform or act the way he or she is expected to. Worst world leaders are the ones who come up with false claims prior to being elected while changing nothing once they are in position. Politics has always remained a puzzle for the ones who are not into it. However, there have been some worst political leaders who are still known for doing no good to the countries they ruled. Here, we will be having a look at some of the worst world leaders of all time.

Kim Jong

kim jong

Kim Jong is the name that holds a special mention, a mention even before the top ranking worst leaders in history mainly because of his deeds. He is a North Korean leader who makes the other worst leaders in this list seem minuscule or rather in training. Kim Jong is known for kidnapping, murder, rapes and tortures of innocent people. He is known for the ruthless act of launching a rocket that killed thousands of innocent people.

Thaksin Shinatwatra

2nd most useless leader

He is a minister from Thailand. He is known for forcing people into going by his orders irrespective of the fact that whether his orders are right or wrong. Thaksin is an abuser and one of the cruelest leaders ever known in history. One of the most striking characteristics of this worst leader from Thailand is that he has always been successful in hiding everything that he has done even if he has been found guilty for the same.

Robert Mugabe

3rd worst leader Robert Mugabe


Robert Mugabe holds the record of serving the President’s office for the longest term in history. He ranks among the worst world leaders ever because of his ruthless and unfair nature. He has served as the President for around thirty six years and is one of the most important reasons behind the downfall of Zimbabwe. He does not take any interest in the development and progress of his nation. All he cares about is his own good. Over the years, his fortune has multiplied manifold and he is still continuing his ruthless activities in the present times.  

Yingluck Shinawatra

worst women world leader of all time

When it comes to providing the details of the world’s worst leaders, the name of Yingluck Shinawatra can be just ignored. This worst leader nicknamed Pu, is a politician and businesswoman from Thailand. She is an active member of the Pheu Thai Party. She was elected as the Prime Minister of Thailand during the general elections of 2011. She has never been a leader of dignity and poise for her countrymen. She has always been known for her different selfish acts that in coordination with his brother Thaksin Shinawatra.


Leaders always have an important role to play in the development of their respective countries. People need to choose wisely in order to avoid being the victims of leaders that have been described above as the worst leaders ever.